16 March 2022



"5 Reasons to visit Chios, Lesvos & Samos Islands"


Destination Map

A trip to Chios is a trip of discovery.

Discover how Homer, the great ancient epic poet is connected to this island.

Wander around the picturesque countryside of Kampos with the citrus fruits’ gardens and the stone-built mansions and visit the well preserved medieval Mastiha villages for a fascinating time travel.   Discover the wild beauty of the landscape in the north, taste unique local flavors in a village square, enjoy a mastiha cocktail by the sea, dive in crystal clear waters or hike on a mountain trailt o get to know the extraordinary Chios nature.

Fun, friendship, hospitality…

Once in Chios, you feel at home. The people of Chios, always welcoming and polite, will introduce you to their way of life. Meet the locals at the village square and don’t miss one of the summer festivals, where you can enjoy traditional music, local dishes and spirits like ouzo and souma.

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