4 November 2021


Webinar "5 reasοns to visit Epirus"


Destination Map

Epirus manages to be a one-of-a-kind destination: an enviable combination of cultures and traditions with an exceptional natural environment that it never fails to surprise and delight its visitors. Epirus has the diversity of a country, containing, in a relatively small area, beautiful mountains with forests and olive groves, lakes and rivers, peaks and gorges, beautiful cities, rare archaeological sites, and fantastic beaches!

This unique region is ideal for extreme activities such as rafting at Voidomatis River, mountain bike at the vertical mountain slopes of Mt Tymphe, kayak down the Arahthos gorge passing under the impressive multi-arch Papastathis Bridge, canyonning at «Stena» canyon, near river Kalamas and nature walks around the Zagorochoria villages.

The journey to Epirus will turn into an unforgettable experience once you have savored its culinary delights, the mouthwatering pies, the smoked local cheese in Metsovo town, the savory syrupy sweets or phyllo pastries from Ioannina and the white wines of Zitsa.

Discover many and varied destinations: Ioannina a lively city spreading out around the beautiful Lake Pamvotida, Arta known for its famous bridge, Metsovo the jewel of Epirus, Zagori one of the most beautiful and rich ecosystems in Europe, Preveza where you can enjoy the island-like atmosphere, Parga the Riviera of Epirus Region.

Epirus, one of the thirteen regions of Greece, is located in the north west corner of the country, and is an ideal year-round destination. It is now easily accessible, having two modern roadways, the Egnatia and Ionia highways, one international port at Igoumenitsa, and two international airports, at Ioannina and at Aktio. You can also come to Epirus through the international airport of the nearby island of Corfu.

Whoever dives deeply into the region of Epirus will surely soon find that he is on a new continent – he will discover a new world. Epirus’ longtime isolation, due to historically difficult access, let its nature intact and the signs of history alive. For those in the know, Epirus is a precious secret, to which they remain faithful, and for those who do not know, it is an unexpected surprise.

Welcome to the Charismatic, Blessed, Hospitable Place Called Epirus