8 June 2021

15:00 - 16:15

Webinar “5 reasons to visit the Ionian Islands”


Destination Map

For those of us who get nauseous and hate traveling by boat Lefkada is the perfect destination! It is the only island in Greece that you can reach by car.

Aside from being extremely easy to get to from mainland Greece, Lefkada has many phenomenal beaches for swimming and lounging with white sands and turquoise waters like Porto Katsiki (meaning Goat’s Cove), Egkremni, Milos, Kathisma to name a few. For more adventurous souls there is always the opportunity to visit the beaches on the northern side of the island and try some fun water sports like wind and kite surfing.

Though many Greek islands offer pristine beaches Lefkada also offers the experience of traditional mountain villages, an uncommon combination. You can stroll amongst beautiful traditional stone houses in Eglouvi, one of the island’s oldest villages, or drink tsipouro with the locals.

Of course, while anywhere in Greece you need to try the local dishes. Local specialties in Lefkada include “bakaliaro bianco”, a cod fish in a white sauce, calamari in ink, and a variety of other fresh seafood dishes that will leave your taste buds tingling!