7 December 2021


Webinar "5 reasons to visit Rhodes"


Destination Map

Rhodes, the island of the Sun god, the island of the Colossus and the Knights, an island with a history of centuries, a crossroads of people and cultures, homeland of Olympic winners and philosophers, the emerald island, with an incomparable natural beauty, wonderful light and unique hospitality, a luxury holiday place that offers you everything you wish!

The visitor of the island will find everywhere monuments that reflect the historical course of 3500 years, from the Acropolis of Rhodes and Lindos, the ancient city of Kamiros also known as "Greek Pompeii", the green hill of Filerimos with the church of Panagia and unparalleled views, the castles of Monolithos and Kritinia, up to the innumerable small and large Byzantine churches. The Medieval City of Rhodes, the gem in its crown, the best preserved and one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the Mediterranean and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every corner of Rhodes is a surprise and a journey through time and its long history.

Apart from the monuments and archeological sites, Rhodes is a paradise for nature lovers, with landscapes of exceptional natural beauty such as the Valley of the Butterflies, Natura 2000 protected area, the Seven Springs with age-old plane trees and the flowing crystal clear waters and forests of Prophet Elias mountain. It is also characterized by a unique flora and fauna in the world such as the tiny fish Gizani that lives in the waters of Prophet Elias, the small horses of Archangelos village, the deer Dama Dama, symbol of the island, the unique orchids and the Peony Rhodia that does not grow elsewhere in the world.

The island with its endless and award-winning beaches for its clear waters and its 300 days of sunshine a year, is a perfect vacation spot. Its natural beauties, the picturesque villages, the marine environment, the culture, the local gastronomy, the quality local products, the perfect tourist infrastructures, the entertainment and the unique hospitality of its people, make Rhodes one of the most popular, safe and friendly tourist destinations worldwide.

All this must be seen up close to experience the grandeur of the place and enjoy the beauty of the island. Rhodes will enter your heart and stay there forever.