5 October 2021


Webinar "5 reasons
to visit Volos Pelion"

Volos / Pelion

Destination Map

The moment you visit Volos Pelion you will realize that it’s not just another tourist destination, but a home in Greece that you have always dreamed of. You will have the sense that you aren'ti n a place for vacation but at home, in Greece that you have always dreamed of.

Volos, a natural harbour of Pagasitikos Gulf and close to Mount Pelion combines all the charm of the seawith the beauty of the mountain of Centaurs. The city is associated with the famous Argonaut Expedition, one of the greatest epics of Greek mythology. Volos is a modern city with a special charm and special colour. The sea creates along and beautiful beach front with many recreational centres and some of the hundreds of the famous tsipouradika, with their famous unique distilled liquor “tsipouro” and the salty and spicy seafood appetizers that accompany it (mezes). 

Mount Pelion fascinates visitors because of its unique combination of the mountain and the sea. Extending  north and east of Volos, the evergreen Mountain of legends and Centaurs, is one of the most beautiful and enchanting mountains in Greece. Its numerous famous villages, are all labelled as traditional settlements, due to the exquisite natural landscape, great cultural heritage and typical local architecture. 

The route that the legendary “Moutzouris” the steam train of Pelion, operating since 1895, follows is an unforgettable experience. Beautiful mountain trails give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenery. At Hania, a mountainous settlement, a modern ski resort operates, with a breath-taking view of eastern and central Greece. It is also noted, that in many regions of Pelion, there are organised programmes for alternative tourism (riding, hiking, ecotourism routes, etc).

Volos is a destination for every means of transport: access by road through the main Greek highway E75, by railway with frequent itineraries, by ferry to the islands of Sporades. Also with the hosting of cruise ships, and by air with the state airport of Nea Anchialos (VOL), which is a constantly growing regional airport.

Wonderful, sunny days, countless kilometers of seashore, traditional picturesque villages, squares with plane trees, stone fountains with cool water, gastronomy with fresh ingredients.

From the peaks of the mountain you can be found in countless different, beautiful, cosmic or secluded beaches,only in a few minutes.

Volos Pelion, it's true.