8 June 2021

15:00 - 16:15

Webinar “5 reasons to visit the Ionian Islands”


Destination Map

This Ionian island is known for its dramatic coastline, enticing blue waters, and beautiful beaches. This island boasts a variety of different beaches—some with soft sand, secluded coves, and tranquil waters, while others feature rugged cliffs. One of the most popular beaches here is called Navagio, which means shipwreck in Greek. Though this beach is only accessible by boat it is worth the trip as it has stunning turquoise waters, white sands, and impressive towering cliffs in the backdrop.

If you want to experience even more of the island’s stunning rugged terrain, consider visiting the Blue Caves. These caves can be seen through glass bottom boats that allow visitors to experience the absolutely magical colors that occur as a result of the light streaming through the rock formations. If you would rather swim visit the Keri caves. These caves open directly onto the amazing turquoise sea and can be explored with just a mask and a snorkel!

Just like many of the other islands in this part of Greece, Zakynthos was occupied by the Venetians from around 1480-1800 and the influence can still be felt across the island through their architecture and cuisine. The Venetians actually referred to the island as “Fioro di Levante,” meaning Flower of the East, a name given because of the 7,000 different types of flowers on Zakynthos. However, Zakynthos has even more wildlife to offer than just flowers. In fact, the beaches on this island are home to an endangered species of sea turtle, the Caretta-Caretta. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of one!