Chios / Lesbos / Samos


Chios, Lesvos, Samos : 3 worlds to explore ! Fragrant Chios, a theatre where powerful civilizations met, with the characteristic aroma of citrus and mastic trees. Lesvos a multicoloured cultural canvas, harmoniously combining inherent contrasts of natural beauty. “Pythagorean” Samos, the centre of Ionian civilization, with its beauty and aromatic wine.

16 March 2022



"5 Reasons to visit Chios, Lesvos & Samos Islands"

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Margarita Ikariou| Journalist & Marketing-Communication | Consultant of Union Wine Cooperative SAMOS (UWC SAMOS)


Unique attractions

Chios - land of senses

Walk through the traditional settlement of Kampos, a“historical and traditional settlement”, with its 14th century Genoan mansions and the villas of the island’s most eminent families, with unique architectural features. Wander around citrus gardens and taste an almond-flavoured soumada juice, which is consumed warm with cinnamon in winter and mouth-numbingly cold in the summer. Discover the black, smooth, volcanic pebbles of Mavra Volia beach. Don' t miss the medieval mastic villages in the south part of the island where the unique aromatic mastic grows.

Lesvos - the island of harmony

Visit the petrified forest in Lesvos, one of the rarest natural monuments in the world, a designated preserved natural monument that has been fossilized 15-20 million years ago. Taste shellfish, which is utterly tempting especially when served with a tantalizing ouzo drink in one of the numerous tavernas or "ouzeris" around the island of Lesvos. Stroll around the capital of the island and admire the neoclassical buildings or relax at the thermal springs of Eftalous.

Samos - ideal for action seekers & history lovers

Start your journey to Karlovassi waterfalls early in the day. The larger of the two waterfalls is five metres high and one has to climb 60 wooden steps to reach the clearing offering a panoramic view of the waterfall. The terrain of the island is a challenge to those who choose to ride mountain bikes on their travels. Each summer, an increasing number of cyclists, fully equipped for their adventures, visit the island's trails. Hiking is a must as you will see over 1,400 species of rare plants, many of which are endemic to the island, as well as dozens of species of birds of prey. For birdwatchers  the Alyki habitat or Glyfada Lake is ideal for photograph herons, Dalmatian pelicans and pink flamingos that rest here before continuing their migration.