Elegant and refined, Thessaloniki is a modern vivacious city which welcomes visitors eager to learn about its history and culture, and at the same time have fun, relax, go shopping or simply explore the cityscape by the sea. It's the ideal destination if you’re in the mood for a weekend excursion or a three-day trip, a great choice for shopping and entertainment and a true paradise for food and culture lovers. Moreover due to its strategic location in Greece and Europe, the ease of access to all means of transportation, the fast transfer into the city, the conference and hotel infrastructure, the rich cultural heritage of 2,300 years, the vibrant nightlife and the Mediterranean vitality, is considerable force in the conference tourism sector and international job fairs.

20 January 2022



"5 Reasons to visit Thessaloniki"

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15:00 WELCOME 
Mrs Pararkevi Patoulidou,
Vice Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia &
President of Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation (TTO)

Short introduction to the destination.Walk with us in the neighbourhoods of the city.
Do you know that Thessaloniki is a conference destination, integrated in the international tourist map? Get information about facilities, conferences rooms and other.
Become an explorer and collect lifelong memories.
Follow the gastronomic map we made for you and make your own experience with flavour Thessaloniki!
How to move, shop, have fun and live to the rhythm of the city like the locals!


During this webinar, you will have the chance to win free stays!

During the webinar you’ll find more than 5 reasons that make this city fascinating:

  • It's a charming modern urban metropolis, ready to welcome you with its countless visiting options, always full of life .
  • It's an ideal destination for a city break, offering a mix of amusement and relaxation.
  • It's a cultural destination with numerous themed routes that will reveal you the city's past and present.
  • It has a rich gastronomic tradition and a reputation far beyond the Greek borders.
  • It offers to visitors unique experiences and interesting districts to discover.
  • It is considered as one of the leading conference destinations. 
  • It is  directly air connected with major European countries.
  • It's a business travel center, as the city hosts several major exhibitions and conferences every year

Let our local partners, guide you on this journey and share all the ins and outs you need to know.